Formed in 1939, the team at Jenolite have perfected a premium range of products, relevant to many different industries and projects. No matter what size project you are working on, when it comes to rust, we know what we’re doing.

Jenolite is a business steeped in history and tradition. Our product formulas have been described as the holy grail in rust removal. Over the years we’ve refined and redefined, using specialist knowledge and experience that can only be acquired over time. More than 75 years in fact.

Quality first

At the heart of the business is a range of excellent rust removal and rust converter products. Our products are trusted by customers all over the world. Any marketplace or site that sells Jenolite is genuinely inundated with positive testimonials and recommendations. 

At Jenolite, we believe that good old-fashioned word-of-mouth is the highest possible praise for our rust removal products.   

Reach & Reputation

Established in 1939, Jenolite is Europe’s oldest and most reputable brand when it comes to getting rid of rust – for good! Our presence is just not limited to Europe either. Jenolite products are widely available in countries around the world – in both commercial and household markets.

During the 1950s, the business specialised in removing rust from equipment supplied to all three of the British Armed Forces. Jenolite products are still favoured today by the Ministry of Defence. 

By the 1960s, Jenolite gained a reputation as a leading metal treatment specialist. Following that period, Jenolite products were marketed and distributed by Bluecol, Pennzoil Quaker State and Shell Chemicals Limited.

To The Present Day

Today, the complete supply chain is owned by Jenolite – thus allowing the company full control over its manufacture, quality, supply and service.

For more than 75 years now, Jenolite products have been used and adapted across many diverse industries around the world – including the automotive and marine sector, agriculture, security and fencing and, of course, in households far and wide.

Jenolite’s distinct legacy remains today. In fact, Jenolite continues to make its mark – treating and preventing rust formation on some of the world’s most iconic buildings – from London’s Big Ben clock tower to the Eiffel Tower in the French capital.

The Future, Development & Innovation

Jenolite doesn’t rest on its laurels and is committed to constantly developing its product range; taking advantage of advancements in sealant technology and marrying removal formulas with co-polymer acrylic coatings, to give corrosion resistance even extreme conditions.

In short, Jenolite prides itself on its quality products and excellent customer service. Our products fight back to win the battle against corrosion.

Jenolite’s mission remains: to be the very best, when it comes to getting rid of rust whilst upholding the heritage and prestige of a fine brand, built up over so many years.