Marine Rust Treatment

Jenolite rules the waves. Iron, steel… and the perils of salt water: it’s a combination that invites rust to do its worst. Fortunately, Jenolite’s track record within the marine industry is second to none. From large shipyard and tanker projects, harbours and piers, through to privately owned boats, Jenolite has been used for many decades to solve the severe rust and corrosion problems this industry faces. Browse our marine rust remover and treatment products below.

S.S. Agios Geogios V- Case Study

An incredible example is the use of Jenolite in the treatment of the S.S. AGIOS GEOGIOS V, owned by George Nicolaou Ltd of London.

The ship, 504 feet in length and weighing 16,500 tons, is a type T2 tanker based in the Persian Gulf and used for trips throughout Europe and the Far East. On being dry docked for maintenance, the ship was found to have extensive scaling and advanced corrosion – so the owners treated parts of it with Jenolite and chemical sealer. A year or so on, it was visibly evident which areas had been protected.