Back To Black Bumper & Trim | 500ml

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  • Restore your car’s bumper and trim back to black!
  • Provides protection against UV damage & fading
  • Highly resistant to water and dirt – helping your car stay looking great
  • Leaves that new look shine
  • Simple to use, leaves a streak free finish
  • made in Britain

JENOLITE Back to Black Bumper & Trim has a specially created formula that helps restore exterior plastics and rubber, helping bring back your cars bumper & trim back to their original black.

UV stable and dirt & water resistant once fully cured it leaves your car gleaming and protected.

Ensure surface is clean and dry 

  1. SHAKE THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE Apply from a distance of 10–20cm and allow to dry. Avoid over-spray on braking surfaces. For window rubbers and other exterior trim the product can be sprayed directly onto a cloth and wiped over.
  2. STORAGE & REUSE To prevent blockages, invert the can after use and spray for 2 seconds. This aerosol should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool well ventilated place.

Consult safety data sheet for additional information

JENOLITE Back To Black Tyre Shine/ Bumper & Trim

Restores & Protects Tyres - Wet Look Shine 

Jenolite Back to Black Tyre Shine / Bumper & Trim is a specifically formulated polish for tyres, perfect for restoring your tyre’s finish back to its original glory, whilst removing scuff marks.. 

Back to Black Tyre Shine also available 

  • Restore your cars tyres & trim back to black 
  • Specifically formulated to rejuvenate tyres 
  • Removes scuff marks and restores fading 
  • Leaves that new look shine 
  • Provides a long-lasting finish 
  • Easy to use, no need for hard rubbing & buffing