Bike Chain Lubricant Spray Aerosol | 400ml

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  • High quality, multi-purpose lubricant for both Road and Mountain Bikes
  • Ideal for use on bike chains, derailleurs, cables, brake levers, etc (Carbon frame safe)
  • PTFE lubricant long lasting formula, maximises lubrication & reduces wear
  • Helps protect against rust and corrosion – also acts as penetrating fluid
  • Direct spray exactly where needed with ‘Smart Straw Nozzle’
  • Made in Britain
If you're looking for a multipurpose lubricant, our Silicone Spray might be a better fit for you Jenolite Bike Chain Lubricant spray is a specially formulated PTFE lubricant that is perfect for maximising lubrication and reducing wear of your cycle’s moving parts. With deep penetration into the mechanisms, it leaves a long lasting coating to protect against rust and corrosion, giving a smoother ride. Safe for use with carbon frames.
  1. APPLY DIRECTLY TO A COOL SURFACE Shake the can well before use and gently push forward the light grey locking cap to allow application. Spray in smooth strokes from 15-30cm away when in ‘spray mode’ or use the smart straw for a more accurate application. Coat the surface with a thin and even layer.
  2. ALLOW TIME TO DRY Allow the product time to dry, ensuring that any excess product is removed. Leaves a clear protective film on the surface, which does not transfer onto other surfaces easily.
  3. STORAGE & REUSE This aerosol should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool well ventilated place in temperatures under 50°C.

Consult the safety data sheet before use.

Non-Toxic Lubricant, Heat and Water Resistant 

Non-toxic, multipurpose aerosol, suitable for lubrication of moving parts and the prevention of seizing machinery. Safe to use on rubber, wood, metal and some plastics. 

Operating temperature from -50°C to 200°C. Repels dirt & moisture without staining. Jenolite Silicone spray’s water-resistant qualities repel water. 

Lubricant spray is perfect for extending the life of tools and equipment. Other applications include seals on windows or in your bathroom, and on plumbing fittings. 

  • Unlike other oil based lubricants, it repels dirt & moisture without staining 
  • Non-toxic, multipurpose aerosol 
  • Safe to use on rubber, wood, metal and some plastics 
  • Resists temperatures from -50°C to 200°C