Enamel Bath Repair Spray Paint | WHITE GLOSS | 400ml | Super Hardwearing & Durable Finish | Paint & Repair Scratch On Baths, Shower Trays, Sinks, Kitchen Appliances

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  • GLOSS WHITE FINISH: Achieve a bright, glossy white finish that seamlessly blends with existing fixtures, enhancing the overall appearance of your bathroom or kitchen
  • SUPER HARDWEARING & DURABLE: Our enamel formula provides long-lasting durability, ensuring a hardwearing finish that stands up to daily use and wear
  • PAINT & REPAIR: Easily paint over and repair scratches, chips, and imperfections, restoring the original beauty of your fixtures with minimal effort
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Suitable for use on baths, shower trays, sinks, and kitchen appliances, offering a versatile solution for various household repairs
  • EASY TO USE: The convenient aerosol format allows for easy and precise application, ensuring smooth, even coverage and professional-looking results
  • RESTORE & REPAIR: Transform worn, damaged surfaces into like-new condition, saving time and money on costly replacements while revitalising your home's aesthetic 

JENOLITE Enamel Bath Repair Aerosol is an easy way to renew the shine of your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Our high shine, white gloss formula, provides a super hardwearing and durable finish, perfect for painting and repairing scratches on baths, shower trays, sinks, and kitchen appliances. Say goodbye to unsightly imperfections and hello to a refreshed, glossy surfaces that looks as good as new. Highly resistant to abrasion, cracking, scratching and flaking it helps keep your homing looking great.

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