DIRECToPLAST | 400ml Aerosol Spray Paint

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  • PLASTIC SPRAY PAINT: Superior high gloss plastic paint
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING FINISH: Ideal plastic furniture, including garden furniture, plant pots, etc
  • ALL-IN-ONE APPLICATION: Primer / Undercoat / Topcoat
  • MUTLI-SURFACE PAINT: Use on plastic, wood, metal, etc
  • ALL WEATHER FINISH: UV and corrosion resistant
  • GLOSS FINISH: Easy application, quick dry, suitable for interior & exterior use

JENOLITE DIRECToPLAST Gloss Paint is an all-in-one primer, undercoat and topcoat is one single application. The specially formulated paint provides superior adhesion and ensures the provides an attractive and long lasting finish. Suitable for use on most plastic surfaces, it leaves a smooth, high gloss, all weather finish that is resistant to fading and corrosion. Perfect for restoring and rejuvenating plastic garden furniture, etc.

Remove all traces of oil or grease. Remove old paint and loose rust with steel wool or wire brush. 

  1. APPLY DIRECTLY TO A COOL SURFACE: Shake the can well before use so that the agitator ball can be heard rattling. Spray in smooth strokes from 15-30cm away. Coat the surface with thin & even layers, allowing 10-15 minutes to dry between layers.
  2. ALLOW TO DRY: Allow at least 4-6 hours to dry thoroughly before applying a topcoat. Suitable for use with both water-based & oil-based topcoats.
  3. STORAGE & REUSE: To prevent blockages, invert the can after use and spray for 2 seconds. This aerosol should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool well ventilated place.
  • JENOLITE Anti-Rust Primer is a specially formulated primer that leaves a high quality matt finish that provides fantastic resistance to rust & corrosion. 
  • Offering excellent adhesion for topcoats, it is ideal for use on metals such as iron, aluminium and steel, it is perfect for automotive uses, metal garden furniture and gates/railings. 
  • Specially formulated to be moisture resistant whilst actively fighting rust and protecting against corrosion. 
  • Anti-Rust Primer offering superior coverage & protection 
  • High Zinc content for superior rust and corrosion protection 
  • Suitable for use on metal – Iron, Steel & Aluminium 
  • Perfect partner for Jenolite Rust Remover and Directorust Paints 
  • Can be used with both water-based and oil-based topcoats 
  • Ideal for automotive use
Colour Black