High Temperature Clear Lacquer 500ml | 650C + | Crystal Clear Finish

  • EXTREME HEAT RESISTANCE: With a remarkable tolerance of temperatures surpassing 650°C, this clear lacquer is the go-to choice for surfaces subjected to high-temperature environments
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR FINISH: Unlike some lacquers, our formula maintains absolute clarity, ensuring that the underlying surface and paintwork remain vibrant and visible
  • CORROSION PROTECTION: High Temperature Clear Lacquer forms a robust barrier that shields your surfaces from corrosion, rust, and degradation, preserving their integrity and longevity
  • MULTI-SURFACE: Suitable for a wide range of materials, including painted surfaces, metal, ceramics and more, this lacquer ensures the protection and enhancement of various surfaces
  • UV PROTECTION: The lacquer's advanced UV-resistant properties effectively guard against sun-induced fading and damage, making it ideal for outdoor applications
  • EASY APPLICATION: The 500ml canister provides ample product for multiple projects, and the simple application process ensures a smooth, professional finish

Enhances the finish of most surfaces, whilst adding an extra level of protection. Ideal for internal and external use. 

  • High Gloss Finish
  • Protects against scratches
  • Stops watermarks and stains
  • Resistant to mild chemical attack
  • UV Protection
  • Weather Resistant

Jenolite Gloss Lacquer leaves a high gloss, clear finish that enhances and protects most surfaces and paintwork. 

Multi Surface Application. The multi-purpose lacquer is suitable for use on most surfaces, both finished and unfinished, including wood, metal, hard plastics, unglazed ceramics, masonry, etc. 

Long Lasting Protection. Highly durable and resistant to weather, UV damage and corrosion. Flawless topcoat has non-yellowing formulation that keeps surface looking their best for years to come. 

  • Premium clear lacquer for flawless, high gloss finish & long lasting protection 
  • Suitable for painted & non-painted surfaces 
  • Multi-Surface use: wood, metal, hard plastics, unglazed ceramics, masonry, etc 
  • Quick drying, aerosol spray topcoat can be used bare, treated and untreated surfaces 
  • Long lasting protection against UV damage and corrosion, with durable non-yellowing finish 
  • Easy to apply and quick drying
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