VHT Aluminium Spray Paint | 400ml

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  • Very High Temperature Paint - Resistant to Temperatures up to 650°C
  • Perfect for Automotive Use (Can be used on surfaces exposed high heat such as BBQs, Chimineas, Radiators, Etc)
  • Highly Resistant to Rust and Corrosion as well as Petrol and Oils
  • Suitable for use on metal – Iron, Steel & Aluminium
  • Smooth Matt Finish | Excellent Durability | Quick Drying
  • Made in Britain

JENOLITE VHT Paint is specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to 650°C, making it ideal for automotive use and any areas that are exposed to high heat.

The matt finish is highly resistant to rust and corrosion and is suitable for interior and external use. Commonly used on motoring components is can also be used on BBQs Chimineas, etc.

Full cure is achieved once the paint reaches 260°C.

  • Ensure surface is clean and free any rust, paint or other extraneous or loosely adhering matter. Recommended methods include wire brushing, grit blasting or abrasive cloth, followed by wiping with thinners or white spirit. 
  • Mask off with newspaper and masking tape to prevent overspray. Use at 15 to 25 oC in a well ventilated area. No primer is required. Shake the can thoroughly for at least two minutes and spray a light mist coat from a distance of 15 – 30cm. Allow to dry for 15 – 30 minutes depending upon temperature, and apply a further coat giving full coverage. Allow to dry. Upon completion of use, invert can and depress actuator to prevent nozzle blockage. 
  • CURING: 
  • Ensure proper ventilation and avoid inhalation of fumes during the curing process. 
  • The coated surface of machines, vehicles etc may be cured in use, apply heat and gradually build-up to maximum temperature. Maintain for 1 hour. 
  • Sudden high temperatures will destroy the coating. 
  • Smaller domestic items must never be used before cruring the coated surface. 

 A range of premium quality, high temperature matt finishes with outstanding adhesion to bare ferrous metals, and excellent covering power. This range is designed primarily for use on components exposed to arduous operating conditions.

This range must be stoved [cured] or processed at temperatures shown below to develop optimum thermal resistance. 

Automotive and DIY applications, including exhaust systems, manifolds and barbeques, and Industrial uses in chemical plants, refinery protection, stoves, motors, chimneys and flues.

On surfaces seen or suspected of being unsound, without first ascertaining suitability for use on an inconspicuous area, particularly where any existing coating is present. 

On areas which are unsuitable for post application stoving or where curing is not possible under operating conditions. 

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