Rubber & Plastic Conditioner Aerosol | RESTORES & PROTECTS | 500ml

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Size 500ml


  • RUBBER & PLASTIC CONDITIONER: Keep rubber and plastic seals and trip in top condition
  • RESTORES & PROTECTS: Bring back the vibrancy of rubber and plastic surfaces while providing long-lasting protection against deterioration. Is pH neutral and contains silicones
  • REMOVES RESIDUE: Effortlessly removes residue and polish, leaving surfaces clean and ready for conditioning
  • RESTORES COLOUR: Restores faded or discoloured surfaces to their original vibrant colour, enhancing the overall appearance
  • PREVENTS FREEZING & DRYING OUT: Guards against freezing, ensuring optimal performance even in cold weather conditions. Protects against drying out, maintaining flexibility and prolonging the lifespan of rubber and plastic surfaces

Revitalise the rubber and plastic surfaces & seals of your car with JENOLITE Rubber & Plastic Conditioner Aerosol. This versatile formula not only removes residue and polish but also restores the colour, leaving a lasting gloss finish. Keeping rubber and plastic surfaces conditioned, helps prevent freezing, cracking & drying out (perishing) caused by age, sun, and weather. Improving the overall longevity of seals. Each can contains 500ml for ample conditioning power.

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