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How to get rid of rust and prevent it with Jenolite’s new range of aerosol sprays!

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Various rust killing and rust prevention solutions are becoming increasingly popular in aerosol form. Due to the high quality finish of aerosol sprays, their ease of use, time-saving capabilities and their capacity to cope with high temperatures, many people are opting for them over traditional brush methods.

How aerosol treatments cut through rust

Jenolite’s new range of aerosol rust solutions enable you to tackle even the most awkward of rusted metal items. Aerosols can make light work of hard to reach areas and they offer a quicker, cleaner and more precise process for those who have had messy, time-consuming experiences with brushes!

With aerosols, you don’t need to worry about splashes, drips or spillages and you can get the job done quicker, giving you more free time to tackle other tasks… or to relax! Here’s a run down of our fantastic new aerosol products and how they can help you with a variety of rust killing and rust prevention jobs.


Jenolite Directorust is a specially formulated paint, which acts as a primer, undercoat and topcoat, leaving a silky black satin finish once dry. It is an easy-to-use aerosol spray paint that has been developed to be applied directly to rusty surfaces, with outstanding rust inhibiting properties and anti-corrosion resistance that make it the perfect all-in-one solution for garden furniture, iron fences and gates. Buy Jenolite Directorust now.

Primer Filler

Jenolite Primer Filler spray is the ideal solution for correcting superficial defects in metal surfaces. It’s designed to be used where a higher thickness is required when priming, effectively leaving a smooth surface ready for painting and top-coating. It carries excellent anti-corrosion resistance and can also be used on wood and plastic. Buy Jenolite Primer Filler now.


A thick, waxy, rustproofing fluid, Waxoil protects metals by shielding the surfaces from the ingress of water and air. Not only does it stop new rust developing, it also slows existing surface rust to prevent metals from deteriorating further. Spray direct to metal to provide it with a flexible, weatherproof skin that doesn’t crack, dry out or wash off in the rain! Buy Jenolite Waxoil now.

Bitumen Undercoat

Jenolite Bitumen Undercoat is resistant to weather influences, which offers strong protection for underside bodywork against weathering and it is even sound-absorbing! It also guards against salt spray and weak acids and provides excellent rust prevention, offering an ideal solution for sealing leaking gutters and for patching roofs. Buy Jenolite Bitumen Undercoat now.

Anti Stonechip

Providing a tough, durable coating, Jenolite Anti Stonechip is formulated to protect your paintwork against stones, salt, damp and rust. You can use it to protect sills, lower body panels and spoilers against stone chip damage. Its non-drip formula is easy to apply and will remain flexible — removing any concerns about it cracking or peeling. It is also rust resistant and is over-paintable with most top coats. Buy Jenolite Anti Stonechip now.

Paint Remover

Jenolite Paint Remover is a highly efficient paint stripper that clings to vertical surfaces. It can also aid the removal of other hard-to-remove residues, such as lacquers and varnishes. It effectively tackles gasket/adhesive residues on cylinder heads, crankcases, gearboxes, water pumps and also carbon deposits on valve seats, cylinder heads and metal engine components. Buy Jenolite Paint Remover now.

Silicone Spray

This non-toxic, multipurpose aerosol is different than other oil-based lubricants as it repels dirt & moisture without staining. It's also safe to use on rubber, wood, metal, and some plastics. It is suitable for both the lubrication of moving parts and the prevention of seizing machinery. Jenolite Silicone sprays is water-resistant and is perfect for extending the life of tools and equipment. Other suitable applications include seals on windows or in your bathroom, and on plumbing fittings. Buy Jenolite Silicone Spray today.

To find out more about our products and begin busting that rust, check out our complete Rust Remover range right here.

Have Jenolite’s aerosol sprays helped you to protect or restore the metal parts of your car, boat or any other metal pieces? We’d love to hear your feedback and see your restorations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so get in touch!

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